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with five weaving heights. Legs fold in for transport or storage

.Available in Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut to match the Spriggs Adjustable Triangle, Square, & Rectangle Frame Looms.
Also, can be used with the Spriggs/HFS Warping Board.  




Yes, the Triangle Shawl & Blanket Loom IS the ONLY loom that dresses itself. That’s because all warping and weaving are done simultaneously, with a single strand, from a center-pull ball of yarn. After laying down the first two warp threads, just weave a loop down from the top of the loom and spread the loop apart. Each woven loop provides two wefts woven at once ( the sides of the loop), PLUS the next warp (the bottom of the loop). As you continue to weave loops and spread the loops apart, the weaving progresses from the outside corners to the center AND from the top to the bottom of the loom all at the same time.

Different, isn’t it? An amazingly simple concept, the variety of truly unique items is limited only by your imagination.

Basic weaving on a triangle frame loom is a very simple process, excellent for someone who has never woven before; yet, it can be creatively challenging for the accomplished weaver through the use of advanced techniques such as twill, lace, double weaves, inlay, tartans, and other color sequences, and for the designer who enjoys working with unique shapes.

A few aspects unique to the Tri-Loom:

1. Triangle shaped shawls drape more beautifully and remain on the shoulders better than do rectangular ones. Though triangles can and have been woven using square looms, there are tension and logistics problems with these methods. Not so with a loom designed to quickly and easily weave triangles. You can weave a full-size 7-foot shawl in less than a day!

2. On the Tri-loom all color changes are automatically symmetrical in the weft and inverted in the warp. Tartan plaids are a snap to weave! You can use up short scraps of yarn— all will automatically balance in both warp and weft. And, there’s NO loom waste!! The entire full-sized piece, including a 9-inch fringe, requires only 550 yards of yarn.

3. With no reeds, heddles or shuttles in the way, there’s no hindrance to the type of yarns one can use. Use feather yarns, loopy yarns, fuzzy ones, beaded ones, ribbons, chenille, even fur strips, in both warp and weft. NO PROBLEM. Double up on the nails to use fine yarns: cashmere, silk, colorganic cotton, angora. And handspun yarns show off beautifully on the Tri-loom. Just think. No reeds or heddles to thread, no shuttles to wind. You can get right down to the business of weaving immediately.

4. The entire woven piece is in full view as you weave— not rolled around a cloth beam. You can easily design as you go. Yarns pull out easily if you change your mind. Add stitchery, embellishments, embroidery, or inlay while the woven piece is stretched out in front of you.

5. "What else can I do besides a triangle?" you ask. The Spriggs Adjustable Tri-Loom forms a right angle which adjusts to 9 sizes, the largest being nearly 7 feet at the long side, 5 feet on the two short sides; the smallest is 3-1/2 feet at the long side. Put two triangles together for square baby blankets, lap blankets, stadium blankets, afghans or bed throws. Piece several small triangles for a quilt-like blanket. Leave a neck opening for ponchos of various sizes— or the front open for ruanas. Piece 8 small ones in a pinwheel fashion— or alternate every other one for a petal effect for capes, "scarf" skirts, bed and table coverings or wall hangings. Felt the triangle, then fold in the corners for pillow covers, pouches, hats, vests. Need a bath mat or rug to fit an odd angle? Make a trapazoid shape using two or more triangles, then felt the piece for a great warm mat. For scarfs or shrugs, don’t weave the entire triangle. Fill in with wefts cut for two rows plus fringe. Fold and stitch the two corners for pockets or arm holes. Belt a large shawl, ruana or poncho. The possibilities are endless!

6. Looms come with complete written instructions for weaving and finishing a project.

7. Loom looks attractive. With or without a weaving in progress, the loom and stand may be left as a piece of furniture or as a wallhanging. Choose from Missouri oak, maple, walnut or cherry, hand-rubbed twice with danish oil to bring out the natural wood grain. It’s so unique it’s always a "conversation piece".

8. Loom takes very little space assembled, stored, or while being transported. Assembled dimensions of the adjustable loom are: 7’ x 3-1/2’ x 3 inches! The loom stores in its own box 5" x 6" x 7 feet in a closet, under a bed or behind a sofa. Small bolts with wingnuts provide quick assembly/disassembly and size changing. The loom is easily transported. Take it to demonstrations or on vacations. The box fits easily even in most compact cars.

9. Cost is reasonable. Spriggs adjustable seven-foot looms are $334 (Oak, Maple) or (Walnut) $359, (Cherry) $350. Sell one unique shawl and pay for the loom!

10. Recommended accessories and weaving tools: Collapsible tripod loom stands are available in hardwoods to match your loom, for $194 (Oak, Maple), or (Walnut $214, Cherry $209). The stand allows for 5 possible heights for weaving comfort or to set the loom up out of the way when not weaving. Locker hook for weaving and finishing, $5. Tri-loom Shed Sticks for opening and clearing shed ( especially good for when using fuzzy yarns), designed to sit on or hang from nails on the loom, $32.00 per pair (one large, 38", one small, 24").

11. Looms and stands are shipped via UPS. The Shipping and Handling fee for a Tri-Loom and Tri-Loom Stand set is  approximately $45-$65 (In the continental U.S.). (Contact us for specific S&H to your ZIP Code.)

12. Weekend Workshops in Triangle Weaving and Advanced Triangle Weaving are available at HILLCREEK FIBER STUDIO, Columbia, Missouri. Workshops are available at other locations also.

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