Spriggs 7-ft Adjustable Tri-Looms/Tripod Stands/Tools

The Spriggs Patented 7-ft Triangle Frame Looms (Tri-Looms) are unique because they "Dress Themselves"

These furniture-quality looms are crafted from hand-picked quantities of Oak, Maple, Cherry and Walnut wood, and are hand-rubbed with danish oil to bring out the beauty of the grain.

Spriggs Patented 7-ft Adjustable Tri-Looms

adjustable to nine settings, from 7 feet down to 3-1/2 feet

Spriggs TriPod Loom Stands

with five weaving heights. Legs fold in for transport or storage

Pair of HFS Matching Tri-Loom Shed Sticks

Large: 38"; Small: 24"

Available in these wood colors: Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut
Select desired wood color

Locker Hook

nickel plated

VIDEO - Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic for Shawls, Blankets, Jackets & More

with Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser, Instructor

Select: VHS Tape, or DVD Compact Disc

Celtic Mist Hooded Jacket Project Pattern

for Ruana, Jacket, and Hooded Jacket
Created on the Triangle Frame Loom

by Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser

Snipes Wooden Hook Tool

Snipes handmade wooden hook tools.

Call to inquire on available woods.