Woven Garments

Alpaca Kimono Koat

Made from six three-foot triangles and three 27-inch squares in luxurious natural-colored Alpaca, this large size coat can be tailored to fit the wearer by turning down a cuff or taking tucks in the  shoulders. The seam for the front panels and the sleeve squares end about 5 inches from neck to create nice lapels.

Scheherazad Dressy Gown

Immerse yourself in exotic luxury with this silk, bamboo, alpaca and wool drapey garment. Scheherazade is made from one long rectangle, handwoven on the bias, with arm holes at one end and a band casing at the other with an inkle woven belt. It can be worn two ways, with the belt tied around the upper chest and open in front (as pictured) or with belt tied around the waist and open to the back.

Caribbean Seas Ruana

This sumptuous ruana consists of two large, handwoven rectangles making its finished size 56" by 84". The yarn used is a blend of textures and wool, mohair and silk fibers. Wear it with both front pieces down, one draped jauntily across a shoulder or both fronts draped and pinned in elegance.

Square Poncho-Cuddly Mohair

This poncho is woven from a lovely brushed kid mohair held together with a silk wool blend yarn to give it luxury and warmth. The shoulders have been tucked to give it a more tailored look that is paired with a stylish decorativ stitching on the V-neck.

Riata Ruana

Dyed with pokeberry and elderberry

picture and discription coming soon!