The Coptic Tapestry Albums & the Archaeologist of AntinoƩ, Albert Gayet

By: Hoskins

Essay Upon a Silkworm, reprint 1719

By: Barham

Gift of the Cotton Maiden, Textiles of Flores & the Solor Islands

By: Hamilton

How the West was Worn

By: George-Warren/Freedman

Nezhnie: Weaver and Innovative Artist

By: Rees

To Please the Caribou, Printed Caribou-Skin Coats

By: Burnham

Woven Structures, a Guide to Oriental Rug & Textile Analysis

By: Mallet

Weldon's Practical Needlework

The Woven Coverlets of Norway

By: K. Larson

The Art of Papermaking

By: B. Toale

Beyond Tradition

By: Jacka & Jacka

The Maker's Hand

By: P. Collingwood

FIber Gathering

By: Seiff

Flax Craft in America

By: Handy

Linen from Flax Seed to Woven Cloth

By: Schiffer

Tailor's Guide

By: R. Haven

Faces of Tradition, Weaving Elders of the Andes

By: Callenuapa Alvarez & Franquemont

Traditional Weavers of Guatemala

By: Chandler & Cordon