Cone Winder

with one cone

Also, you can select 3 extra cones for $8.50 (or "Not Now")

HFS Tablet Weaving Cards

Hillcreek Fiber Studio Tablet Weaving Cards
Set of 25 - - $5.00
Set of 50 - - $9.50

Select desired Set(s)

Locker Hook

Locker Hook

Six-inch nichol-plated tool with a deep crochet hook at one end and large tapestry eye on the other.  Necessary tool for all the large and small triangle, square, and rectangle looms  Great for adding fringes, chaining edges, stitching pieces together, replacing thread, correcting mistakes, and more

(Also called "Wonder Hook")

Weaving Picks


Weaving comb with wooden back and metal tines to straighten rows of weaving
   Small, for all Travel Looms   $7.50
    Large, for all Large Adjustable Looms   $15.00
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Wood Tapestry Needles

Made by Al Snipes

Wood tapestry needles - with triangular point

Short - $7
Long - $9
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Wooden Hooked Tools

These tools are great to use with all sizes of Tri-Looms
There are 2 sizes available: both are about 3/4" to 1" wide and either
about 9"-12" long for $9.00
or about 10"-15" long for $11.00

Select size