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Carol Leigh's Specialties / HILLCREEK FIBER STUDIO

Private Lessons/Small Workshops
(Updated 2/15/2016)

(Equipment rental, materials and  Bed and Breakfast are additional)
(All Class Descriptions, Schedule Dates, Tuition Fees, and other associated Costs are subject to change with out notice)   

Hillcreek Fiber Studio Private Lessons and Small Workshops:  
For more information and to
arrange a time,
please call 573-874-2233, or 1-800-874-9328 (TRI-WEAV).
Bed and Breakfast is available for out-of-town students at $
50 per night. 


Tuition:  One hour, $25;
One day, $125; Two days, $250; three days, $300; four days, $350
10% Discount for two or more students in a session. 
Deposit of one-half of tuition will hold a space for you. 




:                           By arrangement with the instructor                                    Throughout the year

PRIVATE LESSONS are offered in a variety of subjects, by arrangement with the instructor.  One to four consecutive days, or one day per week.  Groups of up to four people may be arranged to reduce the cost per person.

Choose from any of the weaving styles or Learn to spin, Spin special fibers, or Create designer yarns. Or spend a day or two exploring dyes with Carol Leigh.

Continuous Strand Weaving  on Triangle, Square, or Rectangle Looms:   In two to three days, complete a triangle or rectangle shawl, square blanket or other textile using the simple, unique continuous strand weaving method.  Learn a few intermediate or advanced techniques, such as twill, leno lace, double weave, plus color patterns such as log cabin, tartan plaids and color blending.  Or, in just one day, weave a smaller project, such as a washcloth, hat, or scarf.

Navajo Weaving: (and other forms of tapestry) Warp a frame loom and learn basic Navajo weaving techniques and color joins. In two to three days, Students should finish a sampler, learning finishing techniques for the tight ending.

Four to Eight-Shaft Weaving:  Beginning students will warp a loom, complete a project,  learn threading and weaving techniques and how to read and understand pattern drafts and basic weaving theory. Intermediate students can work on projects with guidance from the instructor.  Choose to weave a Colonial Weave Structure Sampler, learn traditional loom-dressing methods for a Tartan Dancing Shawl, or explore another weave structure and project of your choosing.

Rigid Heddle weaving for two-shaft weaving, scarves, runners and more.  Learn quick, easy warping method, plus various lace and pick-up techniques on the loom.

Inkle and/or Tablet Weaving for narrow belts, straps or ribbons in one or two days.

Spinning: Beginning students may learn basics of spinning, choosing and skirting fleece, cleaning, carding & combing techniques, spinning on spindles and on a variety of spinning wheels. Designer Yarn students will learn color & fiber blending and Navajo 3-ply techniques.  They will create novelty yarns such as slubs, knop, marl, core-spun, loop, and feather yarns, among others. Spinning Special Fibers students will dress distaffs and spin flax, unwind cocoons & spin silk from several preparations, spin cotton and other fine fibers on charkas & taklis, and will comb wool.  Design your own lesson.

Natural Dyeing:  Spend a day or two working with Carol Leigh while mordanting and dyeing yarns or wool loops.   Learn techniques for evoking rainbows of colors using Ancient or Missouri Dyes, depending upon the time of year.  Taylor your lesson to your interests.

Spinning Lessons: Two 3-hour sessions are recommended for begininning students, $65 per 3-hour session. Two free hours of lessons with purchase of spinning wheel or loom.



(For all Lessons and Workshops, Equipment rental, materials and  Bed and Breakfast are additional)

For more information, and to register, call 573-874-2233, or 1-800-874-9328 (TRI-WEAV).
Bed and Breakfast is available for out-of-town students at $50 per night.  Airport shuttles available


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by Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser

Hillcreek Fiber Studio was added to Carol Leigh's Specialties in 1986, as the teaching part of the business, following numerous requests from the inquiring public as to "where can I learn how to....?"  I have had the privilege of  studying with numerous internationally known fiber experts, and try continually to add to my knowledge every year. 

The Studio is located in the Little Bonne Femme Creek valley just minutes from Columbia, in the woods across from pastures and Rock Bridge State Park, and  offers an informal Bed and Breakfast, in house, for students attending classes.  Lunches are shared, the Studio providing the main dish and the students contributing.  Also, for those coming from afar, there's a commercial airport shuttle service which will bring you directly from the St. Louis or Kansas City airports to our front door.

Some of the advantages of learning in a group atmosphere include: the comraderie of sharing a learning experience with others of like interests; the expansion of ideas and creative thoughts when several people are contributing to the thought process; making new friends, contacts, and networking with people who share the same love for things natural, less hurried, and handmade; generating enthusiasm, inspiration and energy; and finding a support group of people who appreciate and understand our fiber obsessions and the satisfaction we feel when we create something from scratch.

Why don't you treat yourself, this year, to some time away from a hectic life-style, learning a new skill, and meeting some great people.

Carol Leigh's HILLCREEK FIBER STUDIO, in addition to the extensive WORKSHOPS Schedule, carries a LARGE SELECTION of Fiber-related Equipment, Tools, Materials, and Books.  
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To obtain further information about workshop classes at Hillcreek Fiber Studio, or at other
(maybe Carol Leigh could do a special class for your group), contact us (giving U.S. POSTAL SERVICE 
address) at
CarolLeigh@HillcreekFiberStudio.com  or by mail or telephone-see "Contact Us" page

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