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Carol Leigh's "Celtic Mist" jacket, woven on the

Spriggs 7-foot Adjustable Triangle Frame Loom

Here are some pictures of a  jacket with hood.
I call it "Celtic Mist", as I've added some surface celtic knot designs.

Rse-Jckt-Frnt-018f.jpg (65824 bytes)

The "Celtic Mist" Hooded Jacket  Project Pattern for Ruana, Jacket, and Hooded Jacket is now available for $11.95 + $2.00 S & H

"Celtic Mist" Jacket front view, showing pockets & hood being used.        Close-up of Celtic knot on one of the sleeves

Celtic jacket-arms outstreched-hood in place

Back view showing lower, upper, & sleeve Celtic knots         Close-up of the Celtic loops on the front

I used two worsted weight strands together. One is a two-ply hand-dyed lovely varigated yarn by D'zined of 45% hemp/55% merino wool -- absolutely luscious. Then I chose five colors, from the varigated yarn, of the new Ashford Tekapo two-ply 100% New Zealand wool. I blended the five wool colors in teals and purples from dark down the front of the jacket, to light over the sleeves, then dark down the back of the jacket. I kept the varigated yarn constant throughout the piece to tie the colors all together. To keep the threads from twisting, I kept my finger between them as I carried the loop across the loom. It looks like a basket weave. I prefer using two lighter weight yarns, rather than one heavier yarn, as it reduces the bulk. The jacket with hood is made from two 7-foot triangles and one 4-foot triangle, both sizes on the adjustable loom. The 4-foot was folded to make a square, stitched the diagonal, folded back one side opening for a cuff around the face, and stitched the other opening to the collar of the jacket. The jacket part is made by following the instruction on the "Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic" video for the ruana, then stitching under the arms, turning up the front points and attaching them to the side seams for pockets, and turning up the points over the wrists for cuffs. I chain-stitched the celtic knot design on the pockets, cuffs, hood back and jacket back, before giving the jacket a good fulling. Boy, did the yarns soften up and create a dense drapeable fabric for a cozy warm jacket! A celtic button was added at the neck line for the hood, and a cloak clasp with celtic design was sewn on to provide closure for the front of the jacket.

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