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Carol Leigh's


for Shawls, Blankets, Jackets & More
with Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser

A Video Workshop presented on VHS Tape (NTSC or PAL formats) or DVD Disc
Running Time: 89 Minutes
- - $34.95 DVD Disc or VHS Tape- - $27.95 (Click here to purchase this Video in the Shopping Cart WebStore

Victorian Video Productions, Nancy Harvey, Executive Producer)

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"Weaving on the Triangle Frame Loom IS truly magical. This loom dresses itself! Weaving is done with a continuous strand of yarn for both warp and weft, by weaving loops inside previous loops, to create beautiful, imaginative body drapes, ponchos, blankets, jackets and more.

No weaving experience is necessary, although advanced techniques offer the experienced weaver unique, creative ways to express oneself. No individual yarns are measured and threaded through heddles or reeds, as with traditional weaving. There are very few, if any, calculations needed, so you're ready to start weaving immediately!

This video takes you through the step-by-step process of weaving a sampler six-foot triangle shawl, using basic tabby, twill and leno lace weave structures. Carol Leigh shows you how to make color changes, how to easily correct mistakes, two ways of finishing a collar edge, and three ways to put to triangle pieces together, one for blankets, one for ponchos, and one for ruanas and jackets. She will show you how to "full" and "nap" your weaving for a professional fabric finish. You will learn methods of planning a project, appropriate yarns, and how to determine yarn quantities needed.

The enclosed pamphlet walks you through designing four different projects: the Video Sampler, a Color Blanket, a Scottish Tartan, and Color Blending, using Color Grids and Triangle Design Plans.

Although shawls are the most commonly made item on the triangle loom, you will be absolutely amazed at the wide variety of other items that can be created from a triangle shape. Fold single triangles to create pillow covers. Put two or more triangles together for various sized blankets, floor mats, ponchos, ruanas or jackets. By putting eight triangles together you can create a fabulous pinwheel or petal poncho, or a woven patchwork "quilt". The possibilities are endless. How about vests, skirts, hats, bags, slippers? Let your imagination go!"

We believe you will get a tremendous amount of information and enjoyment from this colorful video.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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