Traditional Silk Weaving in Thailand

By: Willoughby


Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic for Shawls, Blankets, Jackets & More *

with Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser (89 Minutes)

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Tubular Woven Finishes, Backstrap Loom Technques *

By: Jacquetta Nisbet

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Warp Painting Plus Garment Design & Construction Tips *

Freeman & Lamb

VHS Tape

Warping & Loom Preparation *

By: Guy

VHS Tape

Warping on a Shoe String

By: Sanders


Weave Drafting I, the Easy Way *

By: La Lena

VHS Tape (69 Minutes)


Weave Drafting II, The Easy Way

By: LaLena


What's in the Pot?

A "How to" Natural Dye Workshop

by: Lee

Wisdom of the Loom

by: Tana Bana