Weaving - Narrow Weaving:

Belts, Sashes, etc.


Anna Neuper's Modelbuch,

Early 16th Century Patterns for Weaving Brocaded Bands

by: Spies

Byways in Handweaving

by: Atwater

Card Weaving

by: Crockett

Card Weaving

by: Groff

Double-Faced Tablet Weaving,

50 Designs from Around the World

by: Hendrickson

Ecclesiastical Pomp & Aristocratic Circumstance

by: Spies

Fingerweaving Basics

By: Gerald Findley

Fingerweaving, Indian Braiding

by: Turner

Fingerweaving Untangled, illustrated Beginners Guide,

including detailed patterns and common mistakes

By: Carol James

Great Scott, Beginners Guide to Ply-Split Braiding

in Single Course Oblique Twining

by: Hendrickson

Here Be Wyverns,

Hundreds of Patterns Graphed from Medieval Sources

by: Spies

HFS Tablet Weaving Cards

Hillcreek Fiber Studio Tablet Weaving Cards
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Set of 50 - - $9.50

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A Manual of Fingerweaving

by: Austin

Please Weave a Message,

Instructions & Graphs for Tablet-woven Calligraphy

by: Hendrickson

Tablet Weaving Magic (Der Zauber des Brettchenwebens)

by: Staudigel

Tablet Weaving for Parents & Children

by: Hendrickson

Techniques of Tablet Weaving

by: Collingwood

Two-Hole Andean Pebble Weave

by: Hendrickson

Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory

by: Dixon

Weaving on an Inkle Loom

By: Rachel Brown

An unabridged chapter from Rachel's "Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing Book"