Handwoven Scarves

by: Editors of Interweave Press

Ikat II

by: Van Gelder

Lace & Lacey Weaves

by: Snyder

Mexican Motifs (Shuttle Craft Monograph #6)

By: Tidball

More Than Four

by: Laughlin

Pattern Technique for Handweavers

by: Keasbey

The Pinwheel: an Exploration in Color amd Weaving

by: Windeknecht


Presenting Selected Shuttle Craft Monographs

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`Doubleweave: Plain & Patterned, Tidball (#1) ..... $9.95
Design and the Handweaver, Atwater (#3) ..... $9.95
Weaver's Book of Scottish Tartans, Tidball (#5) ..... $9.95
Contemporary Costumes Strictly Handwoven, Tidball (#24) .....$9.95
Weft  Twining, Tidball (#28) ..... $9.95
Handweaver's Instruction Manual, Tidball (#34) ..... $9.95
Bateman Blend Weaves, Harvey (#36) ..... $17.95
Park Weaves: Based on Dr. Wm Bateman's Manuscript, Harvey (#37) ..... $14.95
Extended Manifold Twill Weaves, Bateman/Harvey (#40) ..... $14.95

Swedish Patterns for Art Weave and Embroidery

(Cooley, 1829) transcribed into English from early Swedish Manuscript

Swedish Swatches

by: Selander

Vav & Weave - A Book on Weaving

Weave Structures the Swedish Way, Vol 1

By: Getzmann

A Weaver's Book of Eight-Shaft Patterns

Edited by: Carol Strickler
Variations on twills, complex overshot, crackle, lace and huck, double weave and shadow weave all abound in this satisfying collection of complete weaving drafts in the style of the classic 4-harness collection of Marguerite Davison. For those moments to study something new are diversified plain weaves, extended twills, unit weaves, piquet multiple tabby, and more. When you know basically what you want, this well-laid-out book will show you several options toward your weaving goal. This complete manual is a road map.


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Weaving and Drafting Your Own Cloth #3

by: Ostercamp

Weaving a Zoo, My Notebook

By: Amy Preckshot

Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves

by : Hoskins

Woven Shibori

by: Ellis

Xenakis Technique: For the Construction of Four Harness Textiles

(on Rigid Heddle Loom)

by: Xenakis