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Best of Weaver's: Double Weave

Best of Weaver's: Fabrics that Go Bump

Best of Weaver’s: Huck Lace

Best of Weaver's: Overshot is Hot

Best of Weaver's: Thick and Thin

Best of Weaver's: Twill Thrills

The Big Book of Weaving, Handweaving in the Swedish Tradition:

Techniques, Patterns, Designs and Materials

By: Lundell

Collapse Weaves, Creative 3-dimensional Cloth

By: Ann Field

Complete Book of Drafting

by: van der Hoogt

Crackle Weave

by: Snyder


(Selected Volumes)

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Designing Woven Fabrics

By: Janet Phillips (UK)

Double Two-tie Unit Weaves

by: Barrett & Smith

Double Woven Treasures from Old Peru

By: Cahlander

Eight Shafts, A Place to Begin

by: Shelp & Wostenberg

Four Harness Huck

by: Neher

Handweaver's Pattern Book

by: Davison

Handweaver's Pattern Directory

by: Dixon

Handweaver's Source Book

by: Davison

Handwoven Laces (reprint)

by: Muller