Weaving - Basic How-to


Ashford Book of Projects for the Eight Shaft Loom

By: Krogh

Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving (Revised)

by: Rowena Hart
International weaving teacher, Rowena Hart, shows you how you can create exciting, beautiful garments and crafts - all on the simple two harness loom. In the book she guides you step-by-step through the many techniques, showing just how easy it is to make your woven creations come alive through color and texture.Be inspired by Rowena, who has worked with weavers from many cultures in her role as Education and Marketing Manager of Ashford Handicrafts Ltd.

Ashford Book of Textures and Towels for the Four Shaft Loom

By: Krogh

Ashford Book of Weaving for the Four Shaft Loom

By: Field

Ashford Learn to Weave on the Table Loom

Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving

by: Davenport

The Joy of Handweaving

by: Tod

Learning to Weave, (Revised)

by: Chandler

Magic of Handweaving, the Basics and Beyond

By: Piroch

Mastering Weave Structures, Transforming Ideas Into Great Cloth

By: Alderman

Select: Hard Cover ($39.95 or
            Soft Cover ($29.95)

On Weaving

By: Albers

Sectional Warping Made Easy

By: Russ

Simple Warping Method for the Ashford Table Loom

Simple Weaves,

over 30 Classic Patterns & Fresh New Ideas

by: Ignell

Time to Weave, Simply Elegant Projects to Make in Almost no Time

By: Patrick

Tying Up the Countermarch Loom

By: Joanne Hall

Untie the Warping Problem

by: J. Harter

Warping Your Loom, and Tying On New Warps

by: Osterkamp

Weaver's Study Course, Sourcebook for Ideas and Techniques

By: Regensteiner

Weaving: A Handbook of the Fiber Arts

by: Held