Spriggs 7-ft Adjustable Tri-Looms/Tripod Stands

The Spriggs Patented 7-ft Triangle Frame Looms (Tri-Looms) are unique because they "Dress Themselves"

These furniture-quality looms are crafted from hand-picked quantities of Oak, Maple, Cherry and Walnut wood, and are hand-rubbed with danish oil to bring out the beauty of the grain.

Spriggs Patented 7-ft Adjustable Tri-Looms

adjustable to nine settings, from 7 feet down to 3-1/2 feet

Spriggs TriPod Loom Stands

with five weaving heights. Legs fold in for transport or storage
.Available in Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut to match the Spriggs Adjustable Triangle, Square, & Rectangle Frame Looms.
Also, can be used with the Spriggs/HFS Warping Board.  

Pair of HFS Matching Tri-Loom Shed Sticks

Large: 38"; Small: 24"

Available in these wood colors: Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut
Select desired wood color

Use in pairs to help clear fuzzy mohair and other novelty yarns when changing weaving rows, and for picking up rows of twill and other weave structures.

Locker Hook

nickel plated

VIDEO - "Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic for Shawls, Blankets, Jackets & More"

with Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser, Instructor

Select: VHS Tape, or DVD Compact Disc

a 90- minute workshop video produced by Victorian Video for Carol Leigh’s HILLCREEK FIBER STUDIO

"Celtic Mist" Hooded Jacket Project Pattern

for Ruana, Jacket, and Hooded Jacket
Created on the Triangle Frame Loom

by Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser

This 16-page pattern includes detailed instructions for creating ruanas, jackets, and hooded jackets, and contains many colored photos of the fashions, line drawings, color grids for blending colors, Celtic knot pattern templates for decoration, fulling techniques, and a suggested yarn chart.

Wooden Hooked Tools

Short - $9
Long - $11

Select desired size