The Age of Homespun: Objects & Stories in the

Creation of an American Myth

By: Ulrich

The Art of the Loom:

Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing Across the World

By: Hecht

Book of Looms, A History of the Handloom,

from Ancient times to the Present

By: Broudy

The Coptic Tapestry Albums & the Archaeologist of AntinoƩ, Albert Gayet

By: Hoskins

Doublewoven Treasures from Old Peru

By: Cahlander

Essay Upon a Silkworm, reprint 1719

By: Barham

Gift of the Cotton Maiden, Textiles of Flores & the Solor Islands

By: Hamilton

Hempstone Heritage I, In Accordance with their Wills,

"All the Heckled Hemp She can Spin

By: Stark

How the West was Worn

By: George-Warren/Freedman

Iban or Sea Dayak Fabrics and Their Patterns

By: Bean

Indian Basketry

by: James

Jacquard's Web, How the Handloom Led to the Birth of the Information Age

By: Essinger

The Makers Hand, A Close Look at Textile Structures

By: Collingwood

Material Wealth: Living with Luxurious Fabrics

By: Jack Lenoir Larsen

Maya Hair Sashes, Backstrap Woven in Jacaltenango, Guatemala

By: Ventura

Memory on Cloth, Shibori Now

by: Wada

Mexican Textiles, Spirit & Style

By: Takahashi

The Mummies of Urumchi

By: Barber

Navajo Rugs, the Essential Guide

By: Don Dedera

Navajo School of Indian Basketry