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Art & Craft of Natural Dyeing: Traditional Recipes for Modern Use

By: Jim Liles

Ashford Book Of Dyeing, (Revised Edition)

By: A. Milner

Brilliant Colours with Natural Dyes

On Silk and Other Natural Textiles

by: Cheryl Kolander

Carol Leigh’s Dye Recipes

By: Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser

Color & Human Response

by: Faber Berrier

Color Matching Handbook

A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Using Color
224pp   HC

Edited by: Viv Foster

Color Theory

by: Jose Parramon

Color Works,

the Crafters Guide to Color

By: Deb Menz

Craft of the Dyer, Colour from Plants and Lichens

By: Casselman

The Craft of Natural Dyeing, Glowing Colours from the Plant World

By: Jenny Dean

Dye Plants and Dyeing

by: Cannon and Cannon

Dyeing for Fibres & Fabric

Ed. by J. DeBoer

Dyeing Is NOT Alchemy!

A Beginner's Guide to Theory and Methods of Natural Dyeing

by: Heather McCloy

Dyeing Wool, 20 Techniques

by: Schellinger

The Dyer's Companion

by: Elijah Bemiss

A Dyer's Garden

From Plant to Pot, Growing Dyes for Natural Fibers

By: Rita Buchanan

Early American Weaving and Dyeing

by: Bronson

Fabric Dyeing and Printing

by: K. Wells

Handmaid to the Arts,

Teaching the Various manners of Staining wood, ivory, bone, horn, alabaster, marble, and other stones, of various colours,
Reprint 1764, K. Kannik

Hands on Dyeing

By: Blumenthal & Kreider