Alkanet Root

Annatto Seeds

Brazilwood Extract

Brazilwood Sawdust (Palo de Brazil)

Sawdust needs to SOAK overnight before extracting.

Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, & 16 oz quantities

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From Peru - - Premium Quality


Fustic Extract, Liquid

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4 oz
8 oz

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Fustic Wood Shavings

(Dominican Republic)

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Fustic Wood Shavings produces yellows and golds with all mordants, but also creates soft greens with the addition of iron, copper and/or logwood.

Gambier Powder

Henna Powder

Instant Indigo

Natural Indigo-Lump

Natural Indigo-Powdered

Synthetic Indigo

Kamala Powder

Lac, Stick

Logwood Extract

Logwood Shavings

(Dominican Republic)
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Madder Root, Chopped

from Pakistan

Mungeet Root (Wild Madder)

(from India)

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